Anonymous asked:
That sounds amazing. Seems like you could never be bored or not have anything to do. I've followed you for a while now so I was just curious. :) I live in West Michigan and the pictures you post are far more amazing than what's here.

Yea something like that haha, I love exploring though so anywhere I was I’d be doing the same. I grew up in Sydney, in more of a city environment and yet I was still always exploring random buildings and abandoned places and what not, always getting in trouble haha.
Feel free to ask whatever you like if you’re ever curious, and feel more than welcome to come off anonymous! I love meeting new people. I find it amazing we could be having a conversation and be on two opposite sides of the world, knowing zero about one another’s surroundings. It’s mind blowing. I once had a friend I used to talk with who lived in Switzerland and most of the conversation was simply exchanging photos through out the day that seemed normal to ourselves because we were used to it, yet to one another being a different environment and culture they seemed incredible. I actually find that stuff fascinating.
Ah don’t say that! I’m sure there’s plenty of amazing things around you, just different!

Anonymous asked:
how do you know I'm beautiful ?

Because you’ve gone out of your way to compliment me and put a smile on my face. Doing so anonymously, meaning it will have nothing in return towards you personally.
If you weren’t a beautiful person you wouldn’t do such a thing.

Anonymous asked:
What's it like where you live? All the pictures you post on here and Instagram, everything always looks so beautiful.

Well I live on the Gold Coast of Australia, where some of the best beaches and surf breaks are. Although I live in the middle of suburbia, it’s only a 5 minute drive from the beach, and about a 30 minute drive to the closest entry of the rainforest that would take years to explore. So it’s a pretty damn amazing place :) There’s definitely even some breath taking places I’ve yet to discover around here.

Anonymous asked:
gah you are gorgeous!

thanks beautiful

Anonymous asked:
favourite band?

Hmmm favourite ‘band’ would be either
The Spill Canvas or
Underoath 🙌

talk to me / ask me stuff ! :)
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